Plein Aire 2021

My plans for 2021 (as of today) include the following Plein Aire events:

Sloatsburg Plein Aire in Rockland County, NY 5/16/2021
Go Paint Chippewa Valley in North West Wisconsin 9/25 – 10/03/2021

Cherry Blossoms

The scene is one with both a pink canopy and a pink carpet.  The trees are spaced close enough that their branches are intervoven and the canopy overhead is almost solid.  While the weather was still cold, the sun was out and the scene was magical.  I worked in ink with a variety of brush pens for about 3 hours.

Indiana Cardinals

This drawing is done using ink on light blue paper.  It measures 12 by 8 inches.   It was done on Saturday, 12/19/20, while NYC was blanketed in snow.  I set out to draw a cardinal because it is a bird associated with winter.

East 22nd Street in Late November

We enjoyed some balmy weather in November 2020 on the day following Thanksgiving. I wanted to catch the warm colors on the building while they had some sunlight. The drawing is done mostly in marker and ink. The marker inks allow me to capture the vibrant color of the scene.

2020 Gramercy Art Show

I am pleased to share with you that I have 3 pieces in this show which runs from 11/15/20 to…

Under the FDR Expressway

This drawing was done during October 2020 using using markers, ink wash and colored pencils on paper with a beige tint. I used a limited number of warm and cool colors together to create the shadows in the steel structure.

Winter Trees

I painted this landscape from my mother’s studio window while visiting her one Christmas. The painting uses only a few colors because those were the only colors to be seen.