Living Downtown

This painting was painted on two consecutive mornings August 12th and August 13th, 2021. It is painted from the alley behind one of the downtown streets in Mineral Point, WI. It is done with Acrylic paint on a square canvas. The interesting colors and the drama created by the many porches and stairs are what attracted me to the scene. The balconies and stairs connect 3 downtown building that are approximately the same size but are made of different building materials and are different colors. The building that is nearest to us is a mixture of stone and brick, while the one next to it has clapboard siding that is green in color. The third building is not visible but its siding is dark brown in color. The street located on the right side of the picture has a very steep incline. During the morning, that street allows a lot of sunlight to reach the alley. The brick and stone that is illuminated by the sun is especially colorful.

The metal beams that are used for the vertical uprights are painted a dark blue-green. The sunlight makes some surfaces of the uprights appear light blue while other surfaces are a very dark green.

two paintings entered in the 2021 Pain the Point Exhibit in Mineral Point, WI

I entered this painting in the Paint the Point exhibition August 13 and 14th and am please to report that the painting was purchased.

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