Painting in Chippewa Valley

This is my third trip to this region of Wisconsin and the first trip made in the fall. This is a scenic area with many rolling hills and farms along with outcroppings of rocks and rivers. The region is home to the Red Cedar, Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers and multiple hydroelectric dams. The region has many beautiful bridges. I participated in the Go Paint Chippewa Valley event, September 25 through October 1, 2021 with an online show beginning October 8, 2021. Here is a link to the virtual show.

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, the Go Paint Chippewa Valley event began with a  2 hour Quick Paint event in downtown Eau Claire.  I chose to sketch the river bank on the west side of the Chippewa River from a park bench in Phoenix Park on the east side of the river. It was a delightful afternoon. Link to the drawing.

On Sunday, September 26th, I painted at this beautiful location on the Red Cedar River near Irvington and Menomonee Wisconsin. There is a hiking trail beside the river named Red Cedar Trail which was heavily trafficked during the time I was there. Link to the painting

Red Cedar River
Red Cedar River

The following day, in the morning, I sketched at the Caddy Woodlawn County park. This park included the home that Caddy grew up in. Caddy is the main character in an award winning children’s book. Also on this location is a log cabin built in the 1870s that was used as a home up until 1969. The cabin is what I sketched. Link to sketch an more information on the cabin.

Fisk Cabin

That afternoon, I sketched at another location on the Red Cedar River to the south of where I painted the prior day. This spot is also a location where hikers can access the Red Cedar Trail that is located at County road Y. Link to drawing

County Y Bridge over the Red Cedar River
County Y Bridge over the Red Cedar River
Sketching the bridge
and far bank of the Red Cedar River

The following morning, I sketched a similar bridge that crosses over the Chippewa River in downtown Durand, WI. The sketch was done from the Veterans Memorial Park. Link to drawing

Highway 25 crossing the Chippewa River

Then in the afternoon, I went to the top of one of the many hills that surround the village of Durand and painted th Valley the was to the south.

View from Peppin County road F on the border of Peppin and Bull counties

On Wednesday September 29th, I sketched at a small hydroelectric dam on the Eau Galle River in the village of Eau Galle, WI. (This area is famous for maple syrup.) Link to drawing

Hydroelectric Dam on Eau Galle River seen from Sportsman Park

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