Red Cedar River

On Sunday, September 25, 2021, I  began a painting of a river scene outside Menomonee, WI where the Red Cedar trail intersects Paradise Road.  It is a spectacularly beautiful spot.

The river makes many bends and there is a hiking and biking trail that runs along the river. My painting spot was on this trail near Paradise Road to the west of a geological formation called the “Devil’s Punch Bowl”. Two river bends at are visible at this location. We are looking east and initially the scene was back lit.  As the afternoon progressed the sun made an arc across the southern sky and lit up the tree tops exposing a lot more leaf colors.

Red Cedar River at Midday

I began painting around 11 AM and worked until late afternoon.  As the afternoon progressed the reds and yellows in the foilage became more apparent.  The water was very still and had a silvery sheen on its surface.

Red Cedar River with the unfinished painting  after about one hour of work
Unfinished painting  after about 3 hours  of work
Finished painting of Red Cedar River showing the foilage colors as they appeared in the late afternoon

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