Chippewa River at Phoenix Park in Eau Claire

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, the Go Paint Chippewa Valley event began with a  2 hour Quick Paint event in downtown Eau Claire.  I chose to sketch the river bank on the west side of the Chippewa River from a park bench in Phoenix Park.  The river bank is covered with many trees, some of which were just beginning to show there fall colors.  Behind the trees and standing taller than the trees is a large metallic electric pole that had a beauty of its own.  The parts of the pole illuminated by the afternoon sun appear white in color while those that are shaded are blue-grey.  The river is crossed by multiple bridges.  The bridge shown here is a iron bridge like those that carried railroad trains in the previous century.   The scene incorporates the natural world and the technological world with machinery belonging to different eras.

I drew the scene almost entirely in ink.  I used both commercially prepared brush pens and pens that I filled with my own ink blends.  Later I added details to the bridge and water using pastel pencils.

Drawing at the point where I finished working in ink
Bridge over Chippewa River at Eau Claire

The finished Drawing of Bridge over the Chippewa River at Eau Claire includes more details drawn on the bridge and reflected colors added to the river. The piece is drawn on watercolor paper an measures 9 by 12 inches.

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