Hydroelectric Dam in Eau Galle

This working small hydroelectric plant is located in the unincorporated village of Eau Galle on the Eau Galle River. We took a small winding road up a forested hill, that went past some maple syrup forest land on our search for this town. Just as we got to apex of the hill, we saw this dam. There is park land on the river bank, so it was an excellent place to draw or paint.

Hydroelectric Dam on the Eau Galle River

I did this drawing on the morning of September 29, 2021. It measures 9 by 12 inches. My drawing is mostly drawn in ink. Some pastel type color pencils were used to provide realistic coloring to the concrete, and to provide some variety of color to the trees.

Much of the scene is a bright yellow green, so that color is what I used fist to block in the major areas of the picture. The water is “drawn” by leaving a large area white. I drew the commotion in the water surface where the falling water lands, and some of the dark spaces between the streams of falling water. The third color that is prominent in the picture is a dull orange hue that is found in the gravel, dry grass, and some of the foilage.

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