Plein Air 2022

This summer I will be participating in the following Plein Aire events being held in New York and Wisconsin.

  • Plein Aire Sloatsburg in Sloatsburg, NY 4/15 – 5/15/2022
  • Jefferson Plein Air 2022 in Jefferson,WI 6/13 -6/19/2022
  • Paint the Point in Mineral Point, WI 8/10 -8/13/2022
  • Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, WI 8/8-8/9/2022
  • Go Paint Chippewa in Chippewa Valley near LaCrosse. WI 9/24 -9/30/2022

I will also be painting informally in NY, NJ, IA, an WI. I am looking forward to a great summer outdoors.

May Update: The Plein Air Sloatsburg event was fun. I did an ink and pastel sketch of one of the streams that flows into the Ramapoo River. That stream is named Stony Brook which is a fitting name. The bed of the stream is completely covered with small rocks. The water is especially clear and on the day of my visit, it was bright blue.

June Update: The Jefferson Plein Air event was a lot of fun. I did this event with my mother, and it was in a part of Wisconsin that is close to my childhood home. We had some violent weather during the week that included tornados and a hail storm, but the wild weather occurred either after we finished painting for the day or on the overnight. The weather was unseasonably hot for this early in the summer, so we painted during the mornings only, and started very early each morning. I did two paintings in down town Jefferson on the bank of the Rock River and one painting in a nature preserve. I also did an ink and pastel drawing of the Main street where most of the commercial buildings are the original buildings built when Jefferson was a pioneer village. See Works from Jefferson

August Update: I painted inside one of the dairy barns during the Paint the Fair event held on August 8th. Near the front of the barn was a pen with some calves that children were encouraged to pet. That is where I painted. The painting took all morning and a portion of the afternoon to paint. I painted some calves that were in a pen where children could pet them. The family that owned these calves were very gracious about letting me paint there and were very encouraging to me as I painted. I am pleased to say that the painting received the “Best Dairy Animal Award” See Plein Air at the Fair.

On Wednesday, 8/10/22, we journied to Mineral Point, WI for the Paint the Point event. This was the 2nd time that I entered that event. My mother and I painted at the Pendarvis site, some areas east of the villave with rural vistas and at the Farmer’s Market. I also did a nocturne painting on the main street which is High Street.

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