Jefferson Plein Air

This was my first year at the Jefferson Plein Air event and I had a great time. Jefferson is the county seat of Jefferson County, which is just north of the county that I grew up in. It is located about an hour away from my hometown, and yet I was unfamiliar with it. It is on the Rock River, a river that I know well, and it has a small hydroelectric dam located right downtown at a water fall where the water fall approximately 4 feet. The city of Jefferson has parkland on both sides of the river near this dam and waterfall, and there is a distinctive pedestrian bridge crossing the river at this point. The main street through town sill has many of the business buildings built in the 19th century which have been lovingly restored. I did multiple paintings of the river, and one ink drawing of the main street. I also painted at a county nature preserve called Dorthey Carnes Park which includes woods and a lake.

Jefferson Dam, 16 by 20 inches
“Looking East” view of the lake in Dorthey Carnes Park 20 by 16 inches
“Pedestrian Bridge,” 9 by 14 inches
Mary Lynch next to her drawing of Main Street
Main Street is an ink and pastel drawing done during the Quick Paint event.
3 Paintings in the Jefferson Plein Air exhibit held at Woolen Mills on June 18 and 19, 2022

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