Looking East

On Tuesday,June 14, 2022, I went with my mother to Dorothy Carnes Park which is a county owned nature preserve in Jefferson County, WI. We had visited it the previous day in between 2 rainstorms and were pleased to see that it has a paved trail leading to an observation deck with great views of a small lake.

Observation Deck at Dorothy Carnes Park on 6/13/2022

Tuesday was forecast to have temperatures at mid-day that would appoach 100 degrees F with a heat Index between 103 and 105 F. So my mother and I began painting around 8 AM with a goal of finishing before noon. The deck was partially in shade when we began. We finished around 11 AM. By that time, it was unbearably hot, the deck was mostly in sun, and the paint was drying on my pallet almost instantly. On the positive side, my painting was almost complete, and I really liked it. It captures the sky as it looked around 9 AM with the sun directly in front of us making lovely reflections on the water and backlighting the trees that are in the foreground. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the water was a similar shade. So, one of the things that I did right away is capture that beautiful color.

Unfinished painting after about 1 hour
Unfinished Painting, Looking East after approximately 3 hours
View of the Lak in Dorothy Carnes Park taken from the Edge of the balcony on 6/14/2022 around 11 AM
Looking East, Acrylic on Linen, 16 by 20 inches

That evening, I made some minor additions. I lightened slightly some trees on the far side of the lake and added some leaves to the tree on the painting’s right side. I made some tweaks on the young tree in front and completed the bird house by that tree,

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