Patty Pan Squash

This Acrylic painting measures 50 by 40 inches. It was painted in my mother’s studio and is of a still life that she set up and also painted. It features 5 patty pan squash and a pumpkin from our family garden. The goals that I set for myself when painting this were to create as much interest as I could, while using a limited pallet of colors and capture the strong afternoon sunlight coming through the window.


This Acrylic Painting of roses in a crystal vase, hangs on the wall near my desk and is a perennial favorite of mine. It measures 16 by 20 inches. I captured the various flowers in the bouquet and crystal vase without overworking it. I attribute the work’s freshness to the way it was quickly painted. I like the way the bouquet fills the canvas. It is neither a side view or top view. The view angle allows the hues of pink and green to be present in about equal amounts. Neither the blooms nor the leaves overwhelm in this composition.

Christmas Table

This painting incorporates multiple themes that are associated with the Christmas holiday: Christmas Carols, Poinsettias, and Snow. It is painted with acrylic paint and measures 24 by 30 inches.


This painting was done while I was vacationing in Wisconsin in 1997. It was painted with acrylic paint and measures 16 by 20 inches. My goal was to capture the volume that the flowers occupy as well as their festive color.


I painted this painting when I was 13 years old, and today it hangs in my kitchen as one of my favorites. It is done in acrylic paint and measures 24 by 30 inches.