Summer Flowers

This drawing is 8 by 11 inches and is down with 2 colors of marker (black and brown) and colored pencils on tinted paper.  A flower pot with some zinnias was set on the front porch.  It was drawn on June 22, 2021 in the late afternoon.  A spell of hot dry weather has turned the nearby grass mostly yellow.  So the major color in the scene comes from the flowers and the porch floor.

Under the FDR Expressway

This drawing was done during October 2020 using using markers, ink wash and colored pencils on paper with a beige tint. I used a limited number of warm and cool colors together to create the shadows in the steel structure.

Happy Moment

Reflecting the dreary state of New York City, the city is drawn in grey.  I used grey brush pen markers and white ink on grey paper. The horse and puppy deserve to be the focus of the picture, so they are drawn in color using a combination of markers and colored pencil.

Silver Tree

The tree was sketched on a lovely summer evening, where the setting sun had already taken away much of the tree’s color.   I knew it would not be long before the tree was mostly grey against a night sky.  I decided to chelenge myself and see if I could capture the tree’s likeness with out using any color at all.  

Passenger Trains at Grand Central Station

This drawing of trains parked along side a platform inside Grand Central Station was drawn mostkly with ink brush pens and markers, on paper with a light blue tint. The drawing was done during the 2020 pandemic, partly from a photo and partly from memory.

Silver Armor

On a Saturday in December 2019, the NYC Urban Sketchers sketched at the ” The Last Knight: The Art, Armor, and Ambition of Maximilian I ” exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum. I was so struck by the “black and white” reality that the gallery created, that I initially drew this picture using only black and grey ink pens combined with grey and white chalk pencils. And I drew it on a grey paper that matched the grey paint on the gallery walls.