Sloatsburg Dam on the Ramapo River

This painting is acrylic on canvas. I began it during the Sloatsburg Plein Air event on May 16, 2021. Just ahead of where I stood, the water falls over the dam a distance of about 4 feet creating turbulence. The river bed has numerous rocks and some fallen trees that produce more turbulence. The location is secluded and has a magical feel.

Summer Flowers

This drawing is 8 by 11 inches and is down with 2 colors of marker (black and brown) and colored pencils on tinted paper.  A flower pot with some zinnias was set on the front porch.  It was drawn on June 22, 2021 in the late afternoon.  A spell of hot dry weather has turned the nearby grass mostly yellow.  So the major color in the scene comes from the flowers and the porch floor.

Central Park Arch

The Central Park Arch depicted here is in the Northwest corner of Central Park and is part of a bridge made of tight fitting stones with no mortar. The stones are a dark, dark, grey– almost black when they are in shade and they are a very light grey with a hue similar to concrete when they are in the strong sun. I found the rocks very challening to capture correctly.

Plein Aire 2021

My plans for 2021 (as of today) include the following Plein Aire events:

Sloatsburg Plein Aire in Rockland County, NY 5/16/2021
Go Paint Chippewa Valley in North West Wisconsin 9/25 – 10/03/2021

Cherry Blossoms

The scene is one with both a pink canopy and a pink carpet.  The trees are spaced close enough that their branches are intervoven and the canopy overhead is almost solid.  While the weather was still cold, the sun was out and the scene was magical.  I worked in ink with a variety of brush pens for about 3 hours.