Washed Out

This painting was done during the Go Paint! Chippewa Valley event held during May of 2018. Specifically it was painted in a wet wilderness area south of Durand, WI on 5/9/18 at the end of a railroad track that has been restored. The yellow marker marks the end of the useful track. The area experienced a late spring and very few of the trees have leafed out. It had just finished raining when I began the painting. The painting is acrylic and measures 16 by 20 inches. It won a Purchase Award. It is on display at the Rose Carson Gallery in downtown Eau Claire, WI. I participated in the Go Pain! event with my mother, Martha Hayden. She has additional photos from this day on her blog, Martha’s Blog

tracks over creek 2tracks over creek

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  1. Mary, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful artwork and incredible talent. I loved your “Porto Sketches” as well as the rest of your amazing portfolio. My personal favorite based on a life long appreciation of the great outdoors is Washed Out. You are truly an inspiration to us laymen to appreciate your craft. Again, thank you for sharing your talent!


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