Plein Air at the Fair

This is a single day event that took place on 8/08/2022 at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin.  This is the first year that I participated. I chose to paint in the Dairy barn. There was a display of calves near the front that were there for children to pet. I decided to paint them. Their hair has been recently clipped. The Brown Swiss calf looks silvery grey in color.

Paintings are on display in the  Fair Expositon Center from Tuesday August 8th until the fair closes on Sunday August 15th.

Here is a photo of me working on the painting. The barn is very large with powerful fans for ventilation which kept the August heat outside. But it was very noisy. The calves were very calm despite the noise and the crowds of people.

Dairy Calves won an award for Best Dairy Animals

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